le dot clarifies complex relationships and puts the solution to the point.

We support you in the project, help you to plan the project and ask the right questions so that you don't lose sight of the forest for the trees. We constantly work on the pulse of modern communication, make understandable and realise projects for and with small and medium-sized organisations. For clients and partners, le dot is the central point of contact for questions on digitalisation and the design of efficient, stable and modern business applications.

Consulting and Coaching

The digital transformation opens up new potential for many ventures, but at the same time brings with it challenges - we help you to initiate the right steps. Together, we develop the strategy to successfully achieve your goals in digital transformation, digital marketing or e-commerce.

Business Development

Together we use information and technology to add value to your business models, improve customer experience and internal processes. The focus of our cooperation with you is on the further development of your digital business and marketing. We take the time to understand your business and the needs of your customers. Through an ongoing strategy and digital business coaching program, we become an extension of your business and proactively seek solutions and opportunities.

Service Management

If your organization has more than a handful of employees and even if only one of them is the "IT-guy", you are already running IT-Service Management. As your business grows, we help you implement more mature processes to protect your investments and core processes. Dedicate yourself fully to your core business while we make sure that your IT functions smoothly. Whether you have questions about the website, server, network or possible clarifications with third-party providers - we take the time for your concerns and support you quickly and easily.

Content Management

We realize easy to manage solutions that give you a lot of freedom in the design of your Internet presence. Whether multilingual solutions with blogs, community functions or data models that meet your specific requirements. Make sure that your website adapts to your needs, not vice versa.


Stable digital distribution channels and solutions for online shop and marketplace applications create a personalized e-commerce solution. With ERP and point of sale systems, we support you in procurement, logistics and sales so that you can concentrate fully on your customers.


Digital marketing increases brand awareness and is consistent and measurable across the entire customer journey. With ongoing analysis, as well as rapid development and implementation of measures, we support you in the optimal use of the selected marketing instruments.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services are not only quickly available and designed to meet the highest demands, they can also be upscaled as required. This enables a lean start and the demand-oriented expansion of your infrastructure.

Software Development

The right software is the tool for digitizing your processes. We rely on proven technologies with high-availability services and integrate them into tailor-made solutions that we develop for you.

Structured Approach

At work, we strive for pragmatic solutions that pursue the long-term strategy of achieving the mutually set goals on time. We organize ourselves together with our customers and partners in small teams with simple structures. Our communication is constructive and transparent.


  • Location determination and goals
  • Clarification of statutory requirements and interest groups
  • Review of requirements (Requirements Engineering)
  • Definition of the scope and delivery results of the project


  • Definition of tasks and appointments
  • Overview of Resources and Costs
  • Financing and budget planning
  • Independent Evaluation of Partners and Suppliers
  • Quality planning
  • Analysis of opportunities and risks
  • Development of measures


  • Planning and project management
  • Organization of the team and external partners
  • Control of deadlines and costs
  • Test and quality assurance
  • Communication and clarification with third parties and suppliers
  • Training and introduction to operation
  • Transparent Budget Management and Controlling

Operations and Maintenance

  • Support
  • Further development and stable operation
  • Exchange of ideas over coffee

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