le dot works constantly on the pulse of modern communication, makes understandable and realises projects for and with small and medium-sized organisations. For clients and partners, le dot is the central point of contact for questions on digitisation and the design of efficient, modern processes.

Concept and planning

  • Positioning and goals
  • Clarification of legal requirements and interest groups
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Definition of the scope and delivery results of the project
  • Planning of tasks and deadlines
  • Overview of resources and costs
  • Financing and budget planning
  • Independent evaluation of partners and suppliers
  • Quality planning
  • Analysis of opportunities and risks and development of measures

Implementation and operation

  • Planning and project management
  • Organization of the team and external partners
  • Control of deadlines and costs
  • Test and quality assurance
  • Communication and clarification with third parties and suppliers
  • Training and implementation
  • Transparent accounting
  • Support and assistance
  • Development and operations
  • Exchange of ideas over coffee